Agile Delivery Team

Can’t find enough or proper development resource for your business plans?

We developed our service pack for SMEs and corporate project owners who have a fixed budget and fixed deadlines and want to deliver a software solution that provides the optimal business value for both client and end user.

If any of the following sounds familiar…

  • I have more projects than what my delivery teams can handle.
  • I am annoyed by my supplier’s greed.
  • We go over budget and miss deadlines more times than I could accept.

… then you are in the right place!

We have the solution!

  • An experienced Agile Delivery Team may exceed 300% of efficiency of an average team, because they can think with the head of the business, see with the eyes of the analysts, and implement the end users’ interests.
  • We follow strict and continuous planning processes to harmonize corporate strategy with product development.
  • The five levels of planning is the key of the special inputs for the agile delivery team’s hyper productivity.
  • Our automated tools and experienced inspectors ensure the delivery of quality and sustainable software.
  • Only working, and objectively high quality product will be delivered via regular demo events. It depends on you whether every two weeks or on a monthly cadence.
  • We continuously provide transparency and progress controlling, so that you will always know what has been achieved, what else has to be done, and how long will that take according to our best knowledge and measurements.

The structure of an Agile Delivery Team

  • One Business Analyst / Product Owner, in order to find and prepare for the production of the most important and highest business value items first.
    We will write and help prioritize every development item in a way so that all stakeholders will find it useful.
  • One Scrum Master, so that everyone will always know throughout the whole project “when, where, with whom, what, why and for how much?”.
  • One Designer, so that the UX and UI will be outstanding.
  • Three to six Developers, programming in the cutting edge technologies.
  • One Test Automation Engineer, so that you can focus only on new business value instead of support and bugfix.

Who are the guys who dare such an enterprise?

He has been leading software development teams for 20 years. He built Nitrowise Labs into a company of nearly 50 people in 1.5 years. In almost 2 years, he developed his previous organization into a team from 0 to 70 people working according to agile methodology. He is currently working to enable teams to maximize business value creation on a high-impact, technologically exciting product development project.

Balazs Ferenczi

He has 20 years of software development and more than 15 years of IT organization management experience.

He has already developed IT strategies for several organizations, and as Head of Delivery, in addition to controlling development, he manages projects with technology and time / budget problems from the management side.

Gabor Varjasy

Nitrowise Labs Zrt.