First Marketable Product

How can I put my idea insane fast to the test of the market?

Our service pack brings intrapreneurs, corporate idea- and project owners, startup founders from idea to a working, sellable First Marketable Product, the FMP, in no more than 2 to 3 months!

You are in the best place if:

  • it is critical for you to optimize the product development process for maximizing business value...
  • you don’t currently have an available software delivery team for your next best idea...
  • you just raised capital or you have the adequate own resource for a First Marketable Product...

Why is this the best solution to deliver your First Marketable Product?

Already after two weeks of development we deliver the first working increment that you may test with your potential clients and end-users. Inspired by the demo events, you can change the priorities of the following increments, or even the business goals.

We support your project with product- and business development experience of domestic and international market as well.

We integrate into your product the marketing tools that help you build a quality client base. What’s more, if you don’t really have time right now, we personally help you build a scalable sales and marketing process.

Our continuously honed agile skills are the basis of the transparency, the ever foreseeable costs, and the optimization of the business value delivered.

The fact that you may not have enough development and / or operations resource should never impede the growth of your business.

To help your project’s survival we implement into your software measuring and analytics tools, so that you will always know whether your product is really improving or you’re just listening to “vanity metrics”.

This is how we will work together to deliver your First Marketable Product, FMP:

First you and us do a series of planning sessions, no more than a month. The goal is to prepare for production the First Marketable Product which is broken down into the smallest business viable items, user stories. Any developer team can start a focused production after this.

Usually a 3 times 2 weeks long development phase is enough to deliver the First Marketable Product, FMP, with demo events after every two weeks of development. Your FMP is ready to face the test of the real life market.

Your further growth we support with product- and software development capacity.

Who are the guys who dare such an enterprise?

He has been leading software development teams for 20 years. He built Nitrowise Labs into a company of nearly 50 people in 1.5 years. In almost 2 years, he developed his previous organization into a team from 0 to 70 people working according to agile methodology. He is currently working to enable teams to maximize business value creation on a high-impact, technologically exciting product development project.

Balazs Ferenczi

He has 20 years of software development and more than 15 years of IT organization management experience. He has already developed IT strategies for several organizations, and as Head of Delivery, in addition to controlling development, he manages projects with technology and time / budget problems from the management side.

Gabor Varjasy

Nitrowise Labs Zrt.