Selenium Testing Services

Are You in the midst of a software project with an own team or with a supplier? 

Are You aware how much money and effort you actually spend on support and bugfixing?

The solution: automated testing’s Selenium Testing Service

Selenium Testing Service (STS) is a three days long service pack that results in an automated testing tool, that diminishes the heavy duty, repetitive manual testing tasks! If You join with us three things will surely change.

Save Money

Manual testing is expensive: the cost per test done is unnecessarily high. With STS an automation does the tests thus making it cheaper with every repetition.

Saves Time

Manual testing due to its limited availability significantly slows the process of reaching the market. STS does need continuous supervision. A junior developer or an ambitious manual tester can easily learn and use the tool, set up the automated test scenarios, and leave the rest to the machine.

Reckons with Bugs

Manual testers make mistakes, and they can cover only a small portion of the functionality. STS does not get tired, and with each test written, the coverage of the software grows steadily every time.

How Does it Work?

On spot we train within three days Your junior developers and motivated manual testers. Together we implement and go live with the system which immediately starts detailed reporting to the designated developers saving a lot of time on investigation, whenever it sees a bug. All the reports go into a predefined dashboard which is excellent for management purposes as well. The solution has timing capability, does not get tired, does not make mistakes.

who has already joined us

"Thanks to STS first we could seriously lower the bugs after every release. After that we recognized that there is hardly ever a bug coming up at the manual testers, so we basically stopped manual testing. As during the testing period there are only 1-2 bugs coming up we can plan and time our sprints and releases much more precise. Coding within the STS is really simple, with the proper help in can be learned within a day or two. It can be confidently done by junior developers as well."

György Réti

Automizy CTO

„Our best manual tester became an excellent Scrum Master. Which is double the value! As we really had to get into the long planned testing automation for that time. Since then the team’s performance has rocketed and our testing has never been this effective and efficient.”

Attila Csapó

Nexius Learning Kft.
Managing Director

Nitrowise Labs Zrt.